[[ru]]Все аналитические статьи
[[en]]All analytical articles
[[ru]]Здесь вы можете прочитать последние 100 торговых сигналов, написанных нашими аналитиками
[[en]]Here you can read the last 100 trading signals written by our analysts.
[[ru]]Легкая нефть CL, D1 [[en]]High-gravity oil, CL,D1
[[ru]]Консолидация рынка нефти подходит к завершению! [[en]]Oil market consolidation is coming to an end
Bulls claim to restore oil quotations, for which it is necessary to break the downtrend line, which is being tested at the moment
27/11/18 11:52 pm
[[ru]]Пара USDJPY готовится к новому среднесрочному импульсу вверх?[[en]]Is USDJPY pair preparing for a new mid-term upward impulse?
The strong resistance zone is ahead, the upper side of the triangle consolidation is located there, it has enough space to keep the market within it.
27/11/18 11:39 pm
[[ru]]Британский фунт может отыграть почти 700 пунктов у японской йены![[en]]The British pound can win back almost 700 points from the Japanese yen!
It is clear that the chart structure of the GBPJPY pair quotations has a narrowing character, with a probable transition to the upward phase of the market
21/11/18 6:17 pm
[[ru]]Рынок золота вновь готов обвалиться![[en]]The gold market is ready to crash again!
Gold seems to be completing the retracement stage, which has been stopped by the bears!
5/11/18 1:05 pm